During our professional life we spend a lot of time looking for experts either for us, or because someone asked us, if we know someone, who has knowledge about certain topics. We perceived this as a waste of time because,

  • You cannot be sure that the person, you might consider an expert, is really the best choice. There might be better suited experts in the organisation, of whom you are not aware.
  • The search can take a long time, because typically you forward the request to the people in your network, and then these people forward as well, and potentially you get to the expert you are looking for. Or not.

Therefore we created Spine!

We are a young and dynamic start-up company. But we are very experienced people. Most of us are already for over 10 years in professional life, mainly in the IT area. We have seen different companies and all our experience we have put into Spine to make it attractive and useful.